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Low-maintenance Pets for Busy People

Whenever people consider getting a pet, the go-to option is a dog. That is understandable enough, given how dogs are some of the sweetest creatures on Earth and are quite loyal to their humans. But if you are a busy person, you cannot pull off raising a dog. Dogs need a lot of attention. You have to accompany them to dog training because, well, they can’t commute on their own. You need to regularly have them groomed so that their fur doesn’t get all tangled and messy. On weekends, you need to take them to the doggy park so that they can socialize with other dogs and share dirty little secrets with each other about their humans.

Yes, a dog is a huge commitment and responsibility. If you’re not yet ready for those things, here are low-maintenance pets you might want to consider taking home instead.


Turtles carry their shelter on their back. That’s how self-sufficient they are. If you want a pet that’s not at all demanding, you can’t go wrong with a turtle. These animals are pretty chill. The movie Finding Nemo can attest to that.

You will need a terrarium for your turtle. If you take home breeds like the easter box or the African sideneck, your terrarium does not have to be too big. Those turtles would not grow beyond one foot long even if you fed them every day, which, by the way, you shouldn’t do.


Parrots are too much. They like to run their mouths. At first, it’s cute. But live with a parrot for a year, and you’ll want to put permanent plugs into your ears. What you need is a parakeet.

A parakeet looks as cute as a parrot. But it’s not as annoyingly talkative. Sure, parakeets still appreciate interacting with humans, but they do not overstep their boundaries. Daily feeding is the most demanding aspect of raising a parakeet.


Hamsters literally don’t take too much space. You can have a hamster on your palm and still have enough space there for a couple of French fries, which the hamster in question will probably take a bite of.

For busy people, a hamster, or maybe a couple of hamsters, is a suitable pet. Put them in a cage with enough supply of food, water, and toys, and they’ll be doing just fine. The best part is, if you have spare time for cuddling, hamsters won’t mind either. They are always ready for some physical but wholesome intimacy with their humans.


This is pretty self-explanatory. People figured this out a long time ago. If you want a pet that’s nice to look at but won’t look at you in a pleading way every time you walk out of the door, get a fish or two in a tank.

Your safest option is a goldfish. Keep in mind that a goldfish can grow up to 24 inches (0.61 m). That means a bowl won’t suffice. Make sure to consistently clean the tank so that your goldfish stays healthy. To keep your goldfish happy, give them guppy or betta fish roomies.


tarantula as a pet

Some people like cute and charming animals. Others prefer scary ones. If you belong to the latter category, a tarantula’s right up your alley. The first thing you need is a terrarium with enough space for your tarantula to move around once they reach their maximum length, which is 10 inches (ca. 25 cm). Keep the terrarium in a dark corner of the house.

As for food, tarantulas will appreciate live insects like worms and crickets. Those are sold in pet shops.

The animals in this list will make you want to go home when you’re out doing whatever it is you do when you go out. That’s because they are lovable in their own unique way. But that goes without saying these animals won’t guilt-trip you into coming home when for one reason or another you can’t yet. They’ll be fine on their own. Yes, unlike dogs that might direct their frustration over your absence to your shoes or sofa.

You can still have a dog in the future. You’d know when you’re ready. And once that day comes, please consider adopting from a shelter instead of buying from a dog breeder.

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