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How Can You Make Your House Safer for Dogs?

Dogs are man’s best friends, but they can still be a handful at times, especially when they are in the house. It can be difficult to keep your pup in line and keep them safe at the same time. So, here are ten ways to keep your dog happy and safe inside your home:

1) Get rid of anything that can harm the dogs

Ensure that wires are covered, remove toxic chemicals from the house, and take anything breakable off low tables. This will ensure that your dog won’t get into something it shouldn’t be in contact with.

2) Keep your dog out of the kitchen when you’re cooking

Even if they’re a good pup, they could get in the way and knock something off of the counter. Better safe than sorry, so keep them back when you’re cooking. Also, try not to leave anything on the stove that might interest them and keep them out of the sink.

3) Get rid of slippers

Puppies have very sensitive paws, so they might find themselves licking your slippers. This won’t be good for them. That’s why you should either get rid of them or put them up so the dogs can’t get to them.

4) Keep your dog’s nails short

Dogs regularly take part in activities that could cause their nails to get too long if they aren’t regularly trimmed. This makes them more likely to get snagged on things while running around the house, so it’s important to keep this in mind when you’re thinking about getting

4) Get rid of breakable things on low tables

Dogs are curious creatures, so there’s no way to know if they’ll be tempted by something on low tables. It doesn’t help that they could even knock it over. So, do your dog a favor and keep breakable things on high shelves where they can see them but not get to them.

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5) Put up doors and gates

Putting up a custom steel security door and gates is crucial if you have a dog that likes to run about. You won’t want it to run out the door and get hit by a car. So, if you have a dog that likes to wander around, you must put up gates so that this doesn’t happen.

6) Keep cleaning supplies and chemicals in a high place

This is because the chemicals and cleaning supplies can be harmful to your fur baby. You wouldn’t want your dog getting into them, so you must keep them out of reach and in a place where they won’t get spilled.

7) Train your dog to not eat anything without you knowing

This would help your dog avoid eating something it shouldn’t. You could train them so that they wait at the door for you to open it before going outside, or put a leash on them so that if they start wandering about, you can keep them from going towards things they shouldn’t.

8) Keep plants out of reach

Your dog might like to chew on houseplants, and that’s not a good idea. If you don’t keep your plants out of reach, you might find yourself with a dead plant and a pooch with an upset stomach. So, make sure to put them up high where they can’t get to them.

9) Stop your pup from jumping onto the couch or bed

Dogs tend to jump onto sofas and beds, which can be a problem. If they’re not taught to get down from the couch, then you run the risk of them jumping up when someone comes into your home who isn’t used to being around dogs. That’s why it’s important to stop your dog from jumping on the couch and beds so that they don’t knock into someone who isn’t expecting it.

10) Train your dog to stop pulling on the leash

If you have a dog that pulls on the leash, you need to train them to stop doing this. Luckily, there’s a way to train your pup not to pull on the leash. All of the training is in how you use it. You can purchase a harness or leash that makes them turn around when they pull, which creates an uncomfortable situation for them without hurting them. This will get your dog to stop pulling on their leash after a while because they’ll be turned around every time they do this, and eventually, they’ll learn.

With that, these are some ways to make your house safer for dogs. Keep them in mind when you’re thinking of what to do next. Hopefully, these tips will help you create a safe environment for your pup.

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