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Guide to Becoming a Good Pet Owner

Every fur parent only wants what’s best for their pets, but caring for a furry friend can be challenging for others, especially those with a busy lifestyle. Your furry friends don’t speak the same language as human beings, so you’ll find it challenging guessing what they’re trying to convey.

Below is a pet-friendly guide on how you can better care for your pets, allowing you to become closer with them.

Be a Responsible Parent.

You should be a responsible pet owner. Most people tend to blame their pets without even thinking about their poor actions. Make sure to check if what you’re doing is correct or not. Being responsible means learning about your pet’s pedigree and needs. For example, you should determine how much training your furry friend will need, how often they’ll have to go outside, and how much grooming they’ll need.

You can also use innovative tools or products that will help you care for your pets. Being a responsible fur parent means learning about their needs to ensure that you won’t have problems with their behaviors in the future.

Establishing Your Routine

Your pets, especially dogs and cats, will need exercise. Like human beings, they also have to burn off the food they consume. Nearly 35% of pets are overweight or obese, resulting in liver diseases, diabetes, or respiratory conditions. You’ll have to take them on a walk or train them regularly to prevent health conditions. Taking them outside for a walk or an exercise can also be your chance to bond with your furry friends.

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Building a Deeper Bond

Over the years, both fur parents and pets learned to depend on each other. Every time you play with your pets, your brain releases dopamine, prolactin, and oxytocin with a lower level of cortisol. In short, your pets will make you feel happier. Despite that, most owners will only take their pets for granted once they grow old. Find the time to bond with your furry friends. Don’t leave them alone despite your busy schedule.

One way to deepen your bond with your furry friend is by attending obedience training programs. One study shows that furry parents with well-trained pets have a stronger bond with them. Having a responsive, calm, happy, obedient, and well-trained dog can mean you’ll get more satisfaction from owning a pet.

Do an Extensive Research

Each breed has its unique needs, making it harder to care for your pets. For example, you should determine whether your furry friend has problems interacting with other animals or traveling. Matching your lifestyle with your pet’s temperament is also another thing you’ll have to consider. If you’re interested in adopting a shelter animal, it’s best to learn about their background or the problems they’ve endured in the past.

Identify the Signs of Stress

Most pet owners aren’t familiar with the signs of stress in their pets. In fact, a stressed pet will also have a higher level of cortisol. Over time, that levels can result in long-term metabolic conditions in your furry friends. Be attentive to the signs that can stimulate stress, including:

  • Hardening of their eyes
  • Hiding or avoiding
  • Trembling
  • Shaking dry when not wet
  • Excessively licking lips
  • Excessive yawning


Track Their Vaccinations

If you want to keep your furry friends healthy, you’ll have to know what kind of shots they’ll need for their long-term well-being. Going to the vet clinic for the initial rounds of shots may sound expensive, but that will save you subsequent visits to the vet clinic and money down the road. Talk to your local vet to discuss when you should get booster shots, so your furry friends only experience minimal problems in the future.

Lessen the Signs of Stress

One of the best ways to reduce stress is to lessen your pet’s exposure to situations that can put them in a difficult position. For example, if your furry friend is scared of traveling or being alone, find a way to make them feel comfortable. You can draw the shades or play soothing music for them during the trip. Your pet will be less anxious about their surroundings if you minimize their exposure to external triggers.

Be Attentive During Walks

Taking your pets to an off-leash or park to play is pretty common, but you should pay more attention to their actions. Your furry friends tend to eat items they shouldn’t eat or wander off to find gaps in the fence. Furthermore, be attentive to how they interact with other animals to stop them from getting bullied or too aggressive. One way to prevent aggressive or skittish behaviors is to allow them to interact with other animals.

It’s challenging to take care of your pet, but you shouldn’t worry! Now, you can find numerous tools or platforms that will aid you in taking care of them.

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