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How to Turn Your Backyard into a Venue Fit for Formal Occasions

One of the most stressful parts of putting together a formal event is figuring out how to dress the venue. When you throw a party in your backyard, you can save both time and money by choosing a more low-key theme. However, that doesn’t mean you have to forgo the festive atmosphere of dim lighting and fancy decorations.

Once you’ve settled where to get your tuxedo rental and catering for the event, all that’s left to do is to prep the venue. So, here are some tips to make your backyard look like it was made for a formal occasion:

1. Create a formal stage with a canopy for the main event

It would be nice to have a center stage where you can put a large performance or presentation. If you have an outdoor canopy, it’s the perfect opportunity to get creative with decorations and make it look extravagant. Not only will this set the tone for what kind of event is happening, but it will also give people a place where they can gather around and be entertained together.

2. Place tables and chairs to be stacked off one side

Without giving away too much of your presentation or performance, it might be nice to have a few chairs and tables that you don’t need for the main event. People can set these out as soon as they arrive. After the occasion is over, they can be stacked off to one side or behind a bush so that everything looks fresh and the yard isn’t cluttered.

3. Decorate the fencing to turn it into a formal garden backdrop

A lot of times, the fencing around the yard can be an eyesore. To turn it into a backdrop, you can sew draping fabric along the top of each panel so that it doubles as hanging flowers. You might need to attach these sections with string or wire since they won’t be able to support themselves after you cut them up.

4. Use white or ivory linens for your tables

This is a nice way to tie in the colors of everything that you have going on in your yard. You can either use white or ivory linens, which give off a very formal vibe. Plus, when it comes time to clean up, they won’t even notice all the dirt away because it’s camouflaged against the white cloths.

red flowers

5. Place fresh flowers to decorate the tables

A lot of party decorating revolves around flowers in vases. While this is a lovely touch, it can also be a bit expensive if you have a lot of people coming to the event. So from time to time, use whatever fresh flowers are in season or whatever you have lying around the house that needs to be thrown out. Even if you have just a few plants, it will still give the yard that formal look.

6. Arrange beautiful floral arrangements on stands or pedestals

This is an excellent way to decorate the backyard. You can purchase these stands or pedestals online or even make them yourself out of old tree stumps that you have lying around the yard. If you want, you could also put candles on top of the stands so that it will look extra classy.

7. Hang string lights all over the backyard

String lights are an excellent way to set the mood for any occasion. Not only will they give you that mood lighting, but they’ll also help you see what is going on in the yard so you can keep track of everyone’s whereabouts. They are also very inexpensive if you have to purchase them online or find them in a store.

8. Create an arbor made of grapevines for the entrance

An entrance is always a nice touch when you’re throwing a formal party, especially if there will be a dance floor. If you have the budget for it, you could put together an arbor made of grapevines and use lights underneath so that it will give off a mystical look at night. Make sure to let any vines that would get in the way of people’s foot traffic grow off to the side so that they don’t impede anyone’s movement.

You don’t have to rent a venue to hold your wedding anniversary or your daughter’s debut; you can do it from the comfort of your backyard. With a bit of work and a lot of creativity, you can have everything from a formal dance floor to an arbor made out of grapevines without breaking the bank.

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