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Excellent Under Deck Solutions for Additional Living Space

Lounging outdoors is in. Because of the pandemic, there has been a significant upward trend in the use of outdoor spaces for entertaining, relaxing, and spending time with family. Homeowners have built patios, decks, and porches in recent years, but under decks have been relatively ignored. The dark spaces found underneath decks however have a lot of living space potential, especially if it has enough standing room.

In fact, an under deck can also be turned into a living space for relaxation and socializing. It’s a great way to maximize space in your backyard. It even offers the privacy that other outdoor structures don’t have.

HGTV also recommends installing an under deck ceiling and drainage system to get the most out of your new living space. It gives an under deck a professional, finished look. It also allows water to drain away from your house and keeps the area dry. Be sure to check out reliable ceiling contractors in your area and hire one who can install a proper under deck system.

With a proper under deck system, furnishings, and design, you can use your under deck to double the space in your backyard, especially if you have a small plot. To turn your under deck into additional living space for your home, here are some ideas.

An Outdoor Bar

Turn your under deck into an outdoor bar where you can entertain guests, enjoy your drinks and have conversations full of laughter. An outdoor bar is a great idea if you have a small area under the deck. It mimics the ambiance of a bar counter. And, you and your guests are away from the noise of your kids.

home bar

A Game Area

If you have more space in your under deck, you can add a game area along with your outdoor bar. With this idea, you can create a space where your guests can entertain themselves.

Create separate game areas for adults and kids. This way, both groups can enjoy playing games while spending time together. Add a pool or ping pong table for the adults and a sandbox for the little kids. Arcade games can be added, too, for pre-teens and teens.

Another option is to turn your under deck into a jungle gym. Adults can use the upper deck, while the children can play under the deck. Building the jungle gym anyway is much safer under the deck. It eliminates the risk of falling when children are monkeying around.

Turning an under deck into a game or play area is a great way to spend time outdoors during hot days. Everybody can play games away from the heat of the sun. And if you build a wall around the under deck, it can also be a great outdoor play area during winter. Just make sure though that it has proper heating.

An Enclosed Fire Pit Area

Speaking of heating, you can turn your under deck into a fire pit area. This will make it one of the best places in your backyard, especially during autumn and winter.

For the adults, is a space where you can enjoy conversations with your friends and loved ones while enjoying the warmth of a pit. For the kids, it’s a wonderful space where they can roast some marshmallows on a cold autumn or winter night while listening to grandpa’s stories.

However, considering the under deck has a ceiling, you’ll have to choose an in-ground fire pit, whether it’s a DIY or built-in kit. There should be enough height allowance between the pit and your under deck’s ceiling. If you’ll build an in-ground fire pit, you need to get a permit. Built-in kits, on the other hand, don’t require any permits.

A Kitchen and Dining Area

Add a kitchen and dining area in your under deck. Eating outdoors is just no longer about having a grill. You can have a small kitchen and enjoy outdoor dining right in the comfort of your own yard.

Alternatively, you can dedicate the under deck space as a kitchen, while your outdoor dining area is on the upper deck or on the covered patio.

A Living Room

Experts recommend bringing the comfort of indoor space outdoors. A fireplace and a sectional sofa can turn your under deck into a cozy living space. It can be a relaxation zone for the whole family, or a late evening romantic spot for you and your spouse.

Now you have the ideas. All you have to do is start the transformation. Just make sure to install all the necessary elements first — lighting, ceiling, drainage, and water source if you’re building a cooking area.

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