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Trees That Feed Us

Trees play a vital role in our lives. For starters, plants are very good at giving off oxygen and taking in carbon dioxide, which helps immensely in promoting clean air. Their roots reside deep in the Earth’s soil, which helps absorb excess water. In theory, if you plant enough trees, it can prevent flash floods.

Switching over to drier and hotter climate, the leaves provide you with shade, which protects you from the heat of the sun. If you want these benefits to last a long time, taking care of them should be a priority. Professionals that provide tree service in Cottonwood Heights are a godsend, as they help preserve them on an individual level. They perform what is basically tree surgery, and they can also organize ways to relocate them.

As a human, one of your basic needs is to eat. This is yet another benefit of caring for trees, and a variety of them can give you the most delicious harvests.


These are tropical fruits commonly found and widely known in Asia. They have a very distinct sweet taste loved by many. You can enjoy mangoes in different ways. You can peel off the skin of a mango and eat it by itself. Grab yourself a blender and make a refreshing and sweet smoothie. If you’re hungry for a meal, you can mix the mangoes with your salad to add a soft texture. As far as nutrients go, they are a good source of vitamins and fiber, of which the latter is good for digestion.


These belong to the citrus family. Like mangoes, this fruit is also packed with antioxidants and vitamins, especially vitamin C. If that satisfies your sweet tooth, eating an orange wedge gives you a tangy flavor. Its juice is one of the world’s well-known drinks. If you are feeling under the weather and hankering for something that is tasty and boosts your immune system, look no further than this fruit.


These can do wonders on your body when you eat them regularly. They have the mineral potassium, which is good for the heart. Other than their health benefits, many people associate this fruit with a popular dessert: the apple pie. A freshly-baked one is hard to resist, especially when you smell its aroma. If you find that too indulgent, consider making applesauce. You can use it as a sweetener for oatmeal and cereals.


Coconut trees in the mountain

The coconut palm is called the tree of life because its fruits have a variety of textures that you can consume. The juice is a very refreshing drink with a sweet taste. It is a great substitute for soda, as it contains fewer calories. Crack the husk open, and you get access to its “meat.” Squeezing this extracts the milk. This can be processed to create coconut oil, which you can use for cooking or adding flavor to a dish.

It would be a tremendous delight if you have different fruit-bearing trees or plants in your backyard. It would require a lot of space, but the bounty would be plentiful. This would be the right path to being self-sufficient. They may tower over everything you see, but they are there to take care of you.

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