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Mulch How to Use It

Mulch is a cozy blanket for your plants. It comes in different forms, including wood chips, leaves, or grass clippings. Now, why would you want to use mulch? You can use it to protect your soil – nice and cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

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Many people use it to lock in moisture, so your plants don’t get thirsty.

Plus, it keeps those pesky weeds from popping up. There’s no denying that weeds steal all the nutrients from your precious plants. So, how do you use mulch? Spread it around your garden beds and leave some space around the base of your plants. That way, they can breathe.

And don’t skimp on the mulch thickness – aim for about two to three inches. Remember to top it up regularly to keep your garden looking fresh. If you’re thinking about sprucing up your garden, you can opt for the classic bark mulch. This stuff helps to keep moisture in the soil. Then there’s straw mulch. It’s like giving your garden a comfy straw hat to wear.

It’s great for veggie gardens because it helps prevent weeds from popping up. The best part is that it’s biodegradable, so it breaks down over time and adds nutrients back to the soil. Next, you’ve got good old compost. This type of mulch is like a gourmet meal for your plants. Compost mulch is full of nutrients that your plants will gobble up. Plus, it helps improve the soil structure, and your garden will be healthier and happier.


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