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Creating a Dog-Friendly Green Space at Home

According to a study by NASA researchers, green spaces give people an array of benefits. Included in the list is that it encourages exercise and creates a space for socializing. Green spaces provide an ideal environment for relaxing activities because of the reduced noise and air pollution.

The study also found that green spaces improve your immune systems through the body’s exposure to beneficial microorganisms. Walking around or staying in parks and trails are good for you, especially if your daily activities entail a lot of stress. These spaces foster psychological restoration.

This is why residential areas with a healthy green space community are more appealing.

Green Spaces Are Healthy for Pets

Parks and community gardens do not only benefit humans. Pets can also get a lot of health benefits from open spaces and clean air. Pets also need to socialize with other pets. They also need to get exercise from time to time. Being overweight is pretty typical for dogs, and it leads to a lot of other ailments.

Taking your pets for a walk in the park will make them happier and healthier. They also get bored, so taking them out for an outdoor escapade will be good for them. Being exposed to a new and healthy environment will stimulate their minds.

All of these health benefits for you and your pet should be enough to encourage you to visit parks often. However, a problem in the United States is that most citizens don’t have access to such spaces. This problem became more noticeable when the COVID-19 pandemic came. Public parks can have helped manage people’s mental state in the middle of the lockdowns.

One solution that you can do about this problem is to have a green space of your own. This will be beneficial for you and your dog even after the pandemic ends. If you have extra yard space, go ahead and put up a dog-friendly garden you and your pet will enjoy.

Creating a Dog-Friendly Garden at Home


First, you have to determine where to put that green space. This is where your dog will play around. You have to build this area where your dog will not accidentally destroy things. If you are just about to build your house, then it’s much better. Make sure to squeeze in some space for your pet-friendly garden. Here are some ways you can do to create a perfect space for your pooch:

1. Put Up a Dog-Proof Fence

It’s not a secret that sometimes a dog’s playful energy causes disasters. Avoid this by setting up a dog-proof fence around the perimeter of your garden. To make the space safe for them, you have to ensure that your fence is at least 30 inches tall. That is if you own a little giant. Smaller dogs are okay with a wall that’s below 30 inches tall.

Don’t put spikes or pointy edges for the fence design. Your dog should also not be able to squeeze into the middle of fence planks. Check for spaces or holes. If your dog barks or gets aggressive at the sight of passers-by and other pets, make sure the outside is not visible to them.

2. Research What You Are Going to Plant

Some plants are poisonous to dogs. Plan your garden carefully by asking your local garden store about plants that are safe for dogs to be around. Herbs such as parsley and fennel are bad for dogs. If you still want to have them, make sure your dog won’t reach them.

Poison is not the only thing you need to consider. Stay away from plants that have thorns and spikes. They will surely end up hurting your dog.

3. Make Sure Garden Tools Are Not Accessible to Your Dog

Gardens are usually next to carports. It is best if you have a carport design that includes a small lean. This way, you can keep garden tools in a nearby area that only you can get to and is inaccessible to your pet.

It’s dangerous for pets to be around these tools. They are usually made of metal and can cause serious injury even to humans. Make sure to keep them away when they are not in use.

You also have to make sure there are no garbage bins around them. Keep the house and its surroundings clean all the time to avoid inviting other animals such as snakes and rats. You can invite neighbors who have pets over so you and your dog can socialize all together in your new garden.

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