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How to Keep Your Home Clean Even With Pets

Having your pet is a great experience. You have someone to share fun and loving moments with, you’re never alone, and you have someone who loves you unconditionally. However, being a pet owner entails responsibility as well. You have to feed, wash, and take care of your pets. You have to be extra patient, too. Most pets shed a lot of furs, which can be a problem if you want to keep your house clean. Here are some tips to help you out on that.

Buy an Automatic Vacuum Cleaner

The fastest way to keep your home clean, even with pets that shed constantly, is by using a robot vacuum. This way, you can avoid walking through the living room only see fur all over the floor. There are a few different types of robot vacuums. The least expensive are those that do not have sensors to avoid obstacles. They tend to have less functionality and range and are often more challenging to use. The most expensive and perhaps most valuable are the ones that are equipped with sensors to know when to avoid obstacles. These types will save you time and help you avoid accidents.

Lint Rollers Are Your Friends

Most pet owners usually have a collection of lint rollers for quick uses. It’s an easy addition to your cleaning tools and can be used on many things like curtains, pillows, sofas, and even on surfaces. Make sure you always have one nearby since you never know when you’re going to encounter a bunch of balled-up fur. You can also use your lint roller to remove lint, hair, dander, and other debris directly from your pet’s coat.

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Train Your Pet to Wipe Their Feet

One way to keep both your house and your pets clean is to train your pets to wipe their feet. Before you think this is an insurmountable task, consider this: we can condition our pets to respond to specific commands, so why not teach them to wipe their feet, too? Place a doormat and a throw rug just outside your door. These will trap the dirt off of your pet’s paws when they step on it. Even if you can’t train them to wipe your feet, they’re really effective, but making an effort to teach them to do so will still help a lot.

When training a puppy (or any younger pet), don’t focus on making them obedient too much. A puppy will do everything you ask of them, but they also have a short attention span. They’re much more likely to do what they want to do instead of what you ask them to do. In fact, a puppy’s attention span is short enough that you can try to train them for a little while, and they’ll forget all about the training a week later. The result is a stubborn and rebellious dog. Don’t make training too complicated if you want to train your dog. You can be a fantastic dog trainer and have the best training methods, but if you get frustrated or overbearing with your dog, they will just think you’re the bad guy. Make training simple by rewarding them when they get it right, and they’ll eventually be conditioned to do it.

Get Scratch-resistant Furniture

Since many pet owners lament scratched-up and dirtied sofas and carpets, manufacturers actually developed scratch-resistant furniture. A quick Google search will yield a lot of results, but if you can simply opt for durable materials. Outdoor furniture tends to be stronger and more durable than its indoor counterpart as it’ll be exposed to elements. In areas with high use (like the living room or your porch), use easily replaceable or removable fabrics instead. Once they get dirtied up, you can simply change them out for a new one.

Schedule Cleaning Services

No machine or resistant furniture can do more than what a human can, so it’s always the best idea to hire a home cleaning service on a schedule. Even if you use the other methods mentioned in this article, it’s still wise to get a cleaning professional to help you, as they can address the stubborn issues that non-professionals can fix. It might sound a bit expensive, but if you have a lot of pets and want to keep your home clean, hiring pros is worth all the money.

Final Thoughts

It’s frustrating when you have to follow up on your pets constantly. But it’s essential to make sure your house is clean. And the only way to do that is to be proactive about it.

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